Purify-One Receives Clinical Validation, Confirming its UV Disinfecting Wand is Highly Effective in Destroying the COVID-19 Virus

[SEABROOK, TX – January 11, 2021] Purify-One, an industry leading manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting devices announced today that it is in receipt of final audited test results from Microbac Laboratories (a U.S. based CDC certified lab), confirming the Purify-One UV Disinfecting Wand is highly effective in destroying SARS-CoV-2, known as Coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.


Mircrobac Laboratories reported the Purify-One UV Disinfecting Wand has been shown to be ~97% effective in destroying the COVID-19 virus within seconds of exposure. A relatively high percentage of the residual virus (while remaining living), has also been shown to no longer be able to replicate, effectively deeming it harmless.


“As a practicing front line Emergency Medicine Physician treating COVID-19 patients on a daily basis, I can assure you this is a vital lifesaving tool that is as effective if not more than anything we utilize in a critical care setting.” Said Dr. John Parente the company’s Chief Medical Officer and board-certified emergency medicine physician.  Dr. Parente added, “As the first disinfecting device of its kind to receive such favorable results from arguably the most reputable laboratory in the world, we obviously view this as a huge win for our company.”


Today, Purify-One serves as the industry leading provider of UV disinfecting devices to various facets of the transportation, education, hospitality, assisted living, sports and retail sectors. Purify-One continues to maintain its industry leadership position via the continued innovation, improvement, and expansion of its offering.



About Purify-One

Purify-One is a thirty-year industry veteran in the light technology space and leading manufacturer of UV disinfecting devices, with a guiding principle of improving the health of our communities.  The company’s core purpose is to help educate the public on the many advantages of UV disinfecting as a healthier / safer alternative to traditional liquid chemicals and pesticides.



About Dr. John Parente

Dr Parente is an experienced front-line emergency medicine physician treating COVID-19 patients daily, as well as treating the effects of overexposure to chemical cleaning agents in today’s environment.

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