Purify-One UV Solutions

  • One-time upfront cost, with the potential for significant Return on Investment (ROI) for almost every application
  • Industry-leading disinfecting times and coverage utilizing proprietary medical-grade technology
  • Best-in-class useful life (50,000 continuous hours or ~10 years)
  • Clinically proven to disinfect and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses
  • Doctor designed and developed – over 30 years of R&D in light technology
  • Rigorous safety protocols and testing
  • Significantly enhanced patient, resident, and consumer confidence (enormous ROI potential)
  • Truly a green solution



Traditional Spray-and-Wipe

  • Ongoing expense
  • Labor intensive
  • Often results in wiping hard surfaces with contaminated cloths
  • Can contaminate hands, equipment, and other surfaces
  • Chemical inhalation and the potential for resulting health issues (i.e. – asthma and skin irritation)
  • Potential for shortage of supply during pandemics, resulting in significant business disruption
  • Traditional cleaning methods have been shown to only sterilize approximately 60% of surface areas in a room
  • Not a green solution


Electrostatic Sprayer

  • Significant upfront expense
  • Ongoing expense related to procuring, and mixing chemical solution
  • Leaves chemical residue, which can be easily absorbed through the skin
  • Harsh chemicals can damage paper, wood, leather, and many other materials
  • Sterilization has been shown to last as long as UV light sterilization
  • Unpleasant odor after spraying
  • Additional cleaning is needed to clear residue after multiple sprays
  • Hazmat suit and / or breathing apparatus recommended for person applying the spray
  • Not a green solution


Other Wands and Other UV Light Solutions

  • Poor build quality (less effective – disinfecting times often range from 2 – 10x longer, due to lower strength and significantly narrower coverage area)
  • In almost all cases devices are made overseas
  • Often utilize Mercury-based bulbs, which can be extremely dangerous if the device is dropped and/or damaged
  • Folding devices or related mechanical components do not hold up to wear and tear (handle is not durable and easily breaks)
  • Often not tested in a laboratory to prove the efficacy of the device, and do not carry the proper certifications and / or safety protocols
  • Significant degradation in the strength and coverage of the device over a very short interval (short useful life)
  • “Plug-in” models are limited to the area they can clean without an extension cord
  • No built-in safety protocols (lack of auto-shutoff when the wand is turned upside down), and no override button to allow for sterilization underneath objects, or above the user’s head
  • Often not a green solution