Purify-One Expands its Senior Leadership Team with the addition of a Chief Medical Officer to Bring Valuable Front-Line Experience

Dr. John Parente
Chief Medical Officer Purify-One

[SEABROOK, TX – NOVEMER 1, 2020] Purify-One, an industry leading manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting devices announced today that it has added Dr. John Parente, a practicing emergency medicine physician, to its senior leadership team to serve as the company’s Chief Medical Officer.


Dr. Parente will work closely with the company’s R&D team on the continued development of next generation ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting technology. Dr. Parente will also lead the company’s third-party lab testing efforts, as well as serve as a key consulting partner to the company’s larger customers to design and implement proper disinfecting protocols in their respective environments.


“Dr. Parente brings invaluable front-line experience on the ever-evolving health challenges our communities face. Developing technology hand in hand with a practicing emergency medicine physician will undoubtedly lead to the development of even more effective tools in combating deadly viruses, bacteria, and fungi,” said a company spokesperson.


“I’m thrilled to be joining Purify-One as the company’s Chief Medical Officer. As a board-certified emergency medicine physician, I have undergone extensive training on treating patients with multiple infectious diseases, now I get to work with Purify-One on preventing them.”  Dr. Parente added, “I am treating patients with COVID-19 in the emergency department, and on my days off I work with Purify-One to develop industry leading ultraviolet (UV) devices to eradicate it altogether.”


About Purify-One

Purify-One is a thirty-year industry veteran in the light technology space and leading manufacturer of ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting devices, with a guiding principle of improving the health of our communities.  The company’s core purpose is to help educate the public on the many advantages of UV disinfecting as a healthier / safer alternative to traditional liquid chemicals and pesticides.



About Dr. John Parente

Dr Parente is an experienced front-line emergency medicine physician treating COVID-19 patients daily, as well as treating the effects of overexposure to chemical cleaning agents in today’s environment.


Experience & Education:

Board certified in Emergency Medicine (ABEM) 2008-current

Emergency Medicine Residency Akron City Hospital 2004-2007

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine 2000-2004

St. John Medical Center 2016-current

ER Southwest General Medical Center 2018-current



Chief Medical Officer, Aligned Health Center 2019-2020

Founder, CEO of Vidrx LLC. 2016-current

Founder, former CEO, Medical Director Vitality Health 2014-2016

Founder, President of N. Central Emergency Associates 2009-2014

Director of Emergency Medicine SJMC 2016-2018

Director of Emergency Medicine FTMC 2010-2016


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